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Effectiveness of Botulinum toxin for shoulder pain treatment

Researchers have evaluated the current evidence of the effectiveness of Botulinum toxin ( BTX ) treatment for shoulder pain.

Randomized controlled trials comparing the clinical efficacy ( pain intensity and shoulder range of motion [ ROM ] ) of Botulinum toxin injection to conventional therapy ( steroid or placebo injection ) were included.

A total of 219 articles were identified, of which 9 articles were eligible for the final analysis.

The analysis indicated a statistically significant decreased pain score in the Botulinum toxin therapy group compared with the control group, with the [ mean difference ] MD=1.35 ( 95% confidence interval [ CI ], 0.80-1.91; P less than 0.001; I(2)=81% ).

Patients who received Botulinum toxin therapy were more likely to have a significant increase in shoulder abduction ROM than patients in the control group, with the MD=8.02 ( 95% CI, 1.17-14.88, P=.02, I(2)=89% ).

In conclusion, compared with conventional ( steroid or placebo injection ) therapy, Botulinum toxin injections have beneficial effects for adult patients with shoulder pain, evidenced by improved pain scores and ROM. ( Xagena )

Wu T et al, Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2015; 96: 2214-2220