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Interstitial lung disease associated with Sjögren's syndrome

Primary Sjögren syndrome ( PSS ) is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease. Interstitial lung disease ( ILD ) can be an extraglandular complication.

A multicentre cohort study has evaluated the clinical characteristics of patients diagnosed with primary Sjögren syndrome with interstitial lung disease.

Data of primary Sjögren syndrome, prognostic factors, pulmonary involvement variables, complementary tests that suggest a worse diagnosis and treatment given were collected.
EULAR index was measured for Sjögren's syndrome.

Researchers have identified 25 patients.

In 15 patients of 25 the diagnosis of interstitial lung disease was done before the diagnosis of primary Sjögren syndrome.

The histopathological patterns found were: 12 NSIP ( nonspecific interstitial pneumonia ), 5 UIP ( usual interstitial pneumonia ), 4 OP ( organizing pneumonia ), 2 LIP ( lymphoid interstitial pneumonia ).

Parotid flow rates ( PFRs ) showed restrictive pattern.

The majority of the patients received glucocorticoid therapy, antimalarial or immunosuppressive treatment.

In conclusion, patients affected with primary Sjögren syndrome must be screened to catch a precocious diagnosis of interstitial lung disease.
The majority of the patients were diagnosed of interstitial lung disease before being diagnosed of primary Sjögren syndrome. ( Xagena )

Reina D et al, Reumatol Clin 2015; Epub ahead of print